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Retractable Safety Gate can be installed for stairways, doorways, and hallways. It can be used not only as a baby safety gate but also as a pet gate. So it can be installed in various places where babies and pets may enter.

● Barrier-free Design

● Super easy to remove the gate and re-attach it

● One-hand operation

● Easy but Safe Lock Device: the gate is opened and closed by tightening the knob on the shaft

● Flexible Installation Width, From 0 to 51in (0-130cm)

What's Included:

● 8 x Long Screws

● 8 x Short Screws

● 8 x Expansion Screws

● 1 x Cap of the socket

● 1 x Socket (bottom)

● 1 x Gate Socket (top)

● 2 x Gate Hooks

Note: The mounts of retractable safety gate must be fitted between rigid surfaces such as plasterboard, timber or hardware.

Package Dimensions (H x L x W):
37.2 x 4.33 x 3.35 in

Product Dimensions (H x L x W):
maximum width: 51in (130cm)
maximum height: 35 in (89cm)

Product Weight:
6.49 pounds

Q: What age is this gate recommended for?
A: Apply to babies 3-24 months.

Q: Can it be used for pets?
A: Yes, pets under 40lb.

Q: What are the advantages of this retractable gate if compared to the traditional metal safety gate?
A: It does not take space when the gate is open or not in use, because the gate is retracted into the cylinder, and then it has no risk that your baby will hit it by accident.
Also, it is super easy to remove and re-attach in anytime you want, without the need for any tools.
It does not take much space for storage when it is removed from the door.

Q: Is this 55” wide?
A: Yes, the mesh includes the body is 55'' wide, fits 85% of doors and stairs.

Q: How tall is the gate?
A: 35’’.

Q: Is it easy to remove and re-attach the gate on the entrance?
A: After the first installation, the gate is super easy to remove and re-attach to the frame without needing any tools.

Q: What is the mesh made of?
A: The mesh is made of high toughness mesh fabric. The clean roll gate uses a mesh material with excellent durability PVC for the roll part. This is because it uses a net that has excellent durability and impact resistance, and has little impact when it collides.

Q: Does this gate stay in place if a baby tries to push it?
A: Yes.

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