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Retractable Safety Gate - White Mesh Gate

Retractable Safety Gate - White Mesh Gate

Retractable Safety Gate can be installed for stairways, doorways, and hallways. It can be used not only as a baby safety gate but also as a pet gate. So it can be installed in various places where babies and pets may enter.
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● Barrier-free Design
● Super easy to remove the gate and re-attach it
● One-hand operation
● Easy but Safe Lock Device: the gate is opened and closed by tightening the knob on the shaft
● Flexible Installation Width, From 0 to 51in (0-130cm)

What's Included:
● 8 x Long Screws
● 8 x Short Screws
● 8 x Expansion Screws
● 1 x Cap of the socket
● 1 x Socket (bottom)
● 1 x Gate Socket (top)
● 2 x Gate Hooks

Note: The mounts of retractable safety gate must be fitted between rigid surfaces such as plasterboard, timber or hardware.


Package Dimensions (H x L x W):
37.2 x 4.33 x 3.35 in

Product Dimensions (H x L x W):
maximum width: 51in (130cm)
maximum height: 35 in (89cm)

Product Weight:
6.49 pounds

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