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What to Know Before Choosing A Suitable Baby Stroller

by ZhangRondo 04 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Where there is a child, there is a need to go out; where there is a need to go out, there is a need to hold a child. I think the person who invented the stroller must have sore arms to be so witty.One world,one dream.Our common dream is to free our hands.

But the baby strollers on the market are of various styles, shapes and prices. How should we choose the suitable one?Baby strollers currently on the market can be roughly divided into:

1.A functional stroller suitable for general home use and short-term outing.

Usually the weight is more than 12Kg, and it can be used from 0-3 years old. It is tall and stable, with better comfort, better functions, and of course bigger weight. Judging from the appearance, the stroller frame is relatively sturdy. The front and rear wheels are not the same size,while the rear wheel size is usually larger. This kind of stroller is very suitable for newborns. When the baby is a little older, it is not as convenient as an umbrella stroller for public transportation and travel. 


Ps:A full-featured stroller is usually the children's first stroller. And it is also the one with the highest budget for many parents. When the child is 1 year old, it is used less and less. He will sit down and walk as he like. Many functions are no longer needed. 

2.A lightweight stroller suitable for often going out or travelling, also known as umbrella strollers

Usually the weight is around 6kg, easy to carry. And the volume after folding will not be too large,which can be put in the car trunk or taken on the plane/ship/high speed train/metro. Most models can be used after baby 6 months old.If the backrest can be lowered down to 160 degree, they can be used within 6 months.Lightweight strollers are also easy to judge. For example, the frame is relatively thin while the four wheels are the same size. The whole size is relatively small, and the seat is generally not too high.

Ps:Babies at this age can walk but can't walk too long. Parents can hold them for a while, but arms can't bear it for long time. It is more convenient to have a one button folding lightweight stroller,such as Beberoad R2.


Beberoad baby stroller R2

3.A tricycle designed for outdoor use, with larger tires (such as inflatable bicycle tires) for you to push baby cart when running;

This type of stroller is also very common. If you like jogging, taking your kids in long distances, or even going hiking, backpacking and other outdoor activities.Then you can’t miss it. This kind of stroller mainly has amazing shock absorber effect. The wheels are very~very~big~


4.A stroller suitable for twins or mutiple children family.

Two or more baby strollers are combined in a front-to-back or left-to-right order, with a

large weight and a high proportion of space,and a good shock resistance.It is suitable for multi-child families and short-distance trips. Only one person can take multiple children out.

Multi-stroller connection makes the stroller body very heavy, which takes up more space and is not easy to store.


In summary,to choose which type depends on your demand,not the price,brand or appearance.Suitable is the best.In any condition,baby’s safety and comfort is the most important.This is no stroller meets every demand,but there will be one stroller meets your demand.


Leo from Beberoad

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